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Cellulose & Health Products Manufacture

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20 Years of Experience in Services Business

Yazdan Nakhl Co., a prominent manufacturer and manufacturer of all kinds of cellulose and health products with Khanevadeh and business brands, has been able to step up the industry within the country in order to promote the health of the community as well as provide better quality products.

We are proud of the superior quality and the production of diverse products in accordance with different tastes to satisfy the needs of dear consumers.

Yazdan Nakhl Company has experienced marketers to expand the market and increase sales.

This group produces high-quality products using the latest technology of the day and the most equipped and up-to-date foreign machinery.

Our goal is to make a boom in the domestic market and even export to foreign markets.

Production Line of Yazdan Nakhl co.


Yazdan Palm Co. uses fully automatic machines to convert the raw materials into fine paper napkins and tissues.

You can watch this video to learn more about the production line of this factory.


Khanevadeh Product Features


Guarantee the softness of products due to the use of high quality raw materials


Observing all health and safety requirements for family health and safety


Producing diverse products in accordance with different tastes to satisfy customers

Product Brands



Khanevadeh products are serving family health



Minion of every house is brilliant Dorrin



Maha products to the beauty of the moon and the delicacy of flowers



Shif products are rich in softness