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اعطای نشان استاندارد بین المللی سازمان سیتی وان

Granting the International Standard for the SITI1 to Khanevadeh Health-Cellulose Products

International City International Organization is the only international licensing company to operate the standard of products and services in the field of quality, health, lucidity and authenticity, and approved by the NACI / 201 certification number, based on the agreement of the chair of the JECC and the NACI / 201 certification body. And Certificate No. 1305212, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. Citihaven International is the only organization in Iran and the world that fully qualifies the certification of products, processes and services exclusively. Under the approved approvals and approvals, the organization can issue standardized product certification by conducting preliminary and other relevant international inspections and without any interference from any other international organization and organization. Currently, no governmental organizations or institutions And it's not possible to issue such a certificate privately.

اعطای نشان بین الملی

The award was granted at the ceremony at 10 am on Saturday, December 24th, 1397 with the presence of officials in Bushehr province. The ceremony began with the recite of Quran verses and after the performance of the hymn of the Islamic Republic of Iran, several officials congratulated the founder and staff of Khanevadeh tissue paper company for this success, provided standard explanations to the guests present at the ceremony, including Mr. Alireza Yazdanpanah, the founder of Khanevadeh tissue paper, who provided explanations on how to set up this complex and its management and its staff's day-to-day work to produce a quality product internationally.

Following his visit, Dr. Kashmiri, the dear chairman of the Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, commended the City International Organization for International Development, and praised the development and standardization of the international community and noted that Khanevadeh tissue paper handicraft group achieved success Receiving the International Standard Product License from the International Whitman International Organization brought this event an honor to the city and the people of Bushehr, and they further stated that there is now a demographic window in our country, some of which are mentioned as a problem of unemployment. We are, in fact, the greatest opportunity for this We know the country because, with the help of young people working in employment, it is possible to have a historic leap forward with this opportunity.

سالن صدا و سیمای مرکز بوشهر

Then, Mr. Dr. Bahremand from the General Manager of the Bushehr Enterprise, congratulated Khanevadeh wipes production group on the performance of the International City Center in the field of product standard and helping to raise the quality level of products and services in the national and international arena, and this step is a stepping stone. They said that today's thinking of most people is that, in order to improve the quality of products and services, one organization has to force people to get the standard and comply with them, if the observance The standard by the people should be cultural and institutional Fortunately, the General Office of the Bushehr Standard has been leading this field, and today, in addition to the work of 68 employees in this office, there are about 830 people in the inspection companies and the like. They are trying to improve the quality of products.

It should be noted that the Iranian TV channel provided the live coverage of the ceremony, as well as the sound of the center of Bushehr in its news coverage of the ceremony. The end of the ceremony with the presence of a number of provincial officials was unveiled of the new Khanevadeh tissue paper products with the brand of the International City of WAN, and the international standard product was granted to the Khanevadeh tissue paper Khanevadeh.